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Our experience with 0 TO GO TRANSPO could not have gone more smoothly. To make things even better, the car shipping quote you gave was cheaper than all other price quotes I received. Thanks for the great customer service and quick vehicle shipping!

The communication via email was very helpful. We received immediate feedback when we had questions.

We changed our pick-up location just 2 days before the shipment, and the change did not affect the degree of professionalism we received; but, rather, the change was implemented smoothly and acknowledged by email.

We did not use the GPS tracking service only because we were on the road at the same time our vehicle shipment was on the road. We would have used it otherwise.

Yes, we would use your service again and will highly recommend your company to others.



Hey Guys!

Thanks for taking such good care of my wife’s car. You have a great thing going there.

I will use you guys again when I move my cars!!

Take care and keep up the good work!

Ralph V

My experience with 0 TO GO TRANSPO in all aspects except one was excellent. From getting a quote (which was the least expensive of all the quotes I received), to the treatment of my sister, and the courteousness and efficiency of the accounting department (had to have a check returned which was promptly done), and the dealing with me and consoling me by my charming sales representative, Nicole, every time I telephoned, to the timelyness of getting my vehicle to me, was it a pleasure dealing with 0 TO GO TRANSPO. I will definitely refer to you guys anyone I know moving a vehicle. By the way, the one and only area lacking is your GPS tracking. Apparently it’s not automated enough; mine still says “vehicle on interstate.” (smile) Thanks guys.


Alex D.

Most of the time people take the time to write a complaint letter. I am very happy with your service so far so I thought I would write and tell you. In today’s world where mediocre service is the norm your company has proved your commitment to customer service is far above that of your competitors. I have not received my car yet but I felt compelled to write this email and commend 0 TO GO TRANSPO for the job well done thus far.

Here are some points I would like to make. Your dispatcher Marie Ferguson upgraded my cars transportation, at no extra cost, to an enclosed transporter. My car is a rare SS Camaro Convertible with only 4,000 miles and is perfect in every way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her concern for my cars safety.

When the seller of the car was a little on the uncooperative side your agents offered to pick the car up where it was at the sellers residence. Again at no extra cost to me. The seller of the car called me after the car was picked up and mentioned how professional the driver was and how he moved cars off the transporter to put my car in the best location for it’s long ride to Oregon. When I heard that I felt reassured I had chosen the right company to move my car.

The system you have to track the progress is really fun. It took me a little while to figure it out but I had a blast watching the progress. Your driver didn’t waste any time. The car was picked up in Ft Lauderdale Florida on Tuesday evening and was in Watsonville California Saturday afternoon.

Great Job!

I thought I might hear from you Sunday to arrange pick up of my car, most likely I hear from you Monday morning. Thank you again for all you folks have done for me. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone who asks.

Best Regards,

Brian Hewgill

Thank you so much for the quick and painless transport of our 2002 Honda Civic. We dropped it off in California, forgot about it in the hustle and bustle of moving to Texas, then tracked it “for fun” once we arrived. The car arrived within the stated timeframe and everyone involved was courteous and professional. Great decision, excellent pricing!


Robert P.

Hi Stephen,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for taking such good care of our customers. Whenever anyone has an automotive move as part of their household move, I don’t hesitate to give them your number - in all the time that I’ve been sending them to you, I have yet to have a customer call me back and tell me that they had a poor experience. You know that the moving industry relies heavily on word of mouth, so I’m happy to continue referring business to you.

Thanks for your help and for all your small move referrals - keep up the excellent work!

Aaron Brynen

ShipSmart, Inc.



I am taking the liberty of this writing to commend you for your outstanding courteous service as observed by the undersigned for over the past twelve years. Your company’s diligence towards moving vehicles for various clients over the years has been outstanding. I am impressed with your ability to track movements and enable pinpoint the exact location of shipments whilst in transit. This saves both my company and my client undue stress. Thanks! Your overall demeanor and that of your staff, from customer service to sales and even accounting is thorough to say the least, yet courteous and patient with regard to any given situation that may arise as a result of your service. You maintain a high quality of professionalism, one that is indeed rare in today’s corporate environment. As you are aware, within twelve years of doing business together, one encounters many challenges in today’s business dealings. I am ecstatic to advise you that it has been nothing but a pleasure indeed to further my dealings with your esteemed firm, as I am steadfast in my conviction to deal with only reliable and business conscious companies. Your firm has indeed surpassed that in many more ways than one. In closing I feel that it would be a waste of my time to attempt dealing with any other company for all my vehicle moves, unless I utilize the services of 0 TO GO TRANSPO! Should there be a need for a testimonial or reference from my company about your firm for any reason, do not hesitate to advise, as the same would indeed be a pleasure.


Nash Asandas

President & CEO Air Ocean Land Transport Logistics Inc.


I hadn’t had a chance to respond, sooner, as I would’ve hoped. My experience was GREAT! I got my car at the estimated time with no issues at all. The driver who picked up my car was also the same, and very kind. He hadn’t had alot of sleep, but he was still very pleasant. The pick-up location was easy to find and they were professional. Constant contact was kept with me to let me know when my car had arrived in Texas and when it would be ready for pick up. It was the first time I’ve ever had to ship a car…in the past I’ve just driven. I’ve driven LA to Texas enough times that I could probably drive it with my eyes closed.

I will also take the time to post a testimonial on your website because my experience was that great!

Thanks for asking and have a fabulous rest of the day!


change is good…progress is better

This is Kellie from American Van Lines World Wide Moving Inc, I have been working with Cherie for months and she is very pleasant to work with. She has a great since of urgency and also follows up with all of my corporate accounts, she also takes great pride in getting addition information to my customers immediatly. I believe she is a great asset to your organization and will continue to build strong relationships with companies like ours.

Thank you Cherie.


Dear Stephen,

It has been a pleasure dealing with you for the past 2 years and I would recommend you to any of my customers. I ve never gotten a complain from any of the customers that you have moved for us but on the other hand we gotten more customers to move with you by how great you treat our customer thank you for working with us and we will be using again love ya. thank you,

Alex Zepeda

It was good experience with your sales and custumer service department

I used the UPS tracking online service & I would use your service again


Hoa Do.

We at Auto Drive Away in Okla. City, Okla. want to thank you for all that you do in helping to get our cars shipped for our customers, in a timely, and proffesional manner. You are always courteous and quick to respond to our needs.

Thanks Cherie we’ll be calling soon!

Dawn and Walt



I’d just like to say how happy I am with the way Cherie and Kim have helped me today. Very pleasant and professional members of your team.


Rich Pardo

Actually received a call from the driver about an hour after I sent the message and the car was delivered that night.

The service and speed I received was unbelievable! To place an order on Saturday and receive my car on Tuesday from Arkansas to Michigan is just awesome.

Best shipping I have experienced and I have shipped a few cars in the past.

Thanks a bunch,

K. Wesley

Lehman, Bertram, Wesley, Inc.


Just a note to let you know how please I have been with your service.

The car shipped out of Southern Ca. Tuesday and arrived in perfect condition Saturday in Tallahassee. The driver “Steve” was very nice and knowledgable. He called me on Friday to let me know he planned to be in Tallahassee Saturday afternoon.

Then he called again Saturday about 2 hours out and again 20 minutes out.

We met and offloaded the car. He went over the paperwork with me and we check out the car. It was in perfect condition. Just a perfect story of how nice it can be to buy a can on eBay and have it shipped by 0 TO GO TRANSPO. I recommeded your company highly to the Seller in Ca.

Thanks again very much.

L. Carrol


Hey Stephen !!!!

My car arrived yesterday (Saturday) at about noon. Hey lady, that’s less than 48 hrs. You’re the greatest….0 TO GO TRANSPO is the greatest…I think I love you…Yahoo !!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Rocky’ Giordani

(the guy with the red Dodge Charger)

The car arrived in a very professional manner. The driver was extremely polite and was extra careful as the rain continued to pour down. He made every right move to see the transaction was a complete success. I can give an excellent “A+” rating to your services.

Senator Tom Buford


I just want to thank you and your staff, especially Sherrie, for assisting with the safe transport of our vehicle. It was handled promptly and efficiently, by competent distributors. Everything went exactly as Sherrie described the process and we received the car without difficulty or damage. I was enormously pleased with your cost, timeliness, and careful handling. Thank you very much for your service and help.


Judy Palmer

Thank you for your professional service in shipping my vehicle from Baltimore to Los Angeles. The Tahoe arrived without a scratch.

Sorry that you were my second choice. The first company (U.L. out of Florida) never picked up the vehicle, then refused to refund my $200 cash deposit - then finally sent me a credit toward some future vehicle shipment - if within one year.

You live and learn, I guess.

Michael Grace

Just wanted to say thanks for the extra effort to get the car delivered in time for my daughter’s birthday! Thanks again,

Mark E.


I’m gratified when companies take customer service seriously. Please feel free to share the important fact that my experience with 0 TO GO TRANSPO was not particularly extraordinary’and that is the whole point! Things happened the way they were supposed to happen, no muss, no fuss. A friendly driver and courteous pick up folks. Picked up right on schedule. The ability to track my car was great because I could ‘guesstimate’ when it might arrive and plan accordingly.

Now then, you should also know that I chose 0 TO GO TRANSPO because of E-Bay. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback. I did not purchase the service through E-Bay, but I darn sure checked out your feedbacks! And they were very good. In addition, your web site is very user friendly and made my reservations a breeze. Plus, my car arrived in perfect condition.

You and your entire staff are to be commended for making my experience routine. That’s the goal! Thanks again everybody.

Bob C.

Greenville, South Carolina

Dear Stephen,

I’d like to tell you how impressed I am with my interaction with Teresa. What could have meant rescheduling of travel plans was averted by her. She basically jumped through hoops to ensure that one of our corporate cards would be picked up tomorrow. She is certainly an asset to your corporation.

Sincerely yours,

Catherine Sullivan

I’m glad to have chosen a reputable and well run firm to work with for my needs!


Eric Schmidt

Well guys, this is the 5th. vehicle I have moved with you!! This one was for my daughter and as usual it all went great. John took the extra time to keep an eye on the tracking for me which was appreciated.

Sandy Hopkins


I received my automobile last nite and really appeciate all the consideration given to me. Your service was exceptional. I’m glad your company is there to fill a much needed service. I would definitely use them again.

Special thanks to Steve.

Darryell Fortier

I want to personally let you know how pleased I am with the service your company provided. My 1986 Corvette which I fondly call “My Baby” was picked up in Schertz, TX on 25 May. James signed for the vehicle today in North Carolina. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived and James tells me that it is in perfect condition!! I am so pleased with your company that I plan to tell every military person that I come in contact with what a great company you are.

Thanks again,

Bev Miller

I am VERY PLEASED with the shipment for our 1979 Camaro. The vehicle arrived when they said, they called me with a progress report when they crossed the Wisconsin/Illinois border, and then again when they were about 15 minutes from the drop off location.

The driver and his co-driver were very pleasant people. I could not have asked for nicer people to transport “our new baby”. Thank you 0 TO GO TRANSPO for all your above and beyond efforts. You do know your job, and you do it well.

This has made my day, week, month, year………..

Again, thank you.

Debi Stein


Thanks for your prompt reply and for the opportunity to present feedback.

After purchasing my vehicle on Ebay, I Googled “auto transport” and began to look at several different choices. This is where my comments on 0 TO GO TRANSPO begin:

0 TO GO  is the ONLY way TO GO.
These guys really go the extra mile for you. They posted my vehicle , started hunting down a trucker,  and hand picked the one that fit me best.
Paying nothing until all details are locked in takes all the worry out of the whole deal.
0 TO GO  is the ONLY way TO GO.
These guys really go the extra mile for you. They posted my vehicle , started hunting down a trucker,  and hand picked the one that fit me best.
Paying nothing until all details are locked in takes all the worry out of the whole deal.
0 TO GO  is the ONLY way TO GO.

Webpage - 5 Star Rating - Your page was straight forward and simple to use. I was able to read customer comments (which is important to most consumers) and I was able to request an online quote. (not a feature offered by everyone)

Quote - 5 Star Rating - Kudos to whoever is involved in developing your pricing structure. Very competitive. With three children in university I have to be financially prudent. This was the largest single factor for my decision, followed closely by your customer feedback.

Customer Service / Contracting & Payment - 5 Star Rating - Once I had determined to accept your offer, I decided to do it by phone. The process was quick, courteous, and professional. This was done on 03/04.

Tracking # and GPS - 5 Star rating - Shortly after contracting and paying I received my tracking #. What a great use of leading edge technology. Very powerful tool. (I am sure that this has helped cut down on the number of “nuisance” calls that you receive)

Customer Service / Delivery - 5 Star Rating - Within 5 hours of being contacted by phone my vehicle was picked up in front of my house. I was notified not only that the delivery would be made, but also when the driver got close to the house. Very courteous and professional.

Customer Service / Post Delivery - 5 Star Rating - Stephen has followed up with e-mails and a phone call to make sure that everything went as smooth as possible.

In summary, I am quite pleased with my overall experience with 0 TO GO TRANSPO and will use you again.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Tina Fistler

Our car was delivered here in New York just eight days after it was picked up in Palo Alto, California. This is its second transcontinental trip with 0 TO GO TRANSPO and I think you’ve done a terrific job.

Thank you

Howard Epstein